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The layoff helps... why?


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Ok I stopped studying Chinese for awhile because of impending business trip to France, instead focusing on absorbing as much French as I could.

I discovered upon returning to Chinese I'm doing a lot better than when I left off. This is the second time that's happend where I was frustrated with progress and having to repeat new material more than I should have but upon taking a break for a month or more suddenly find I'm able to much more easily absorb and understand Chinese.

Does anyone else have this happen? Why do you think this is? Brain couldn't have been "full" because I was able to plow thru a lot of French, which granted I'll now forget.

I'm considering implementing regular breaks of at least a month into my study plans moving forward. Maybe go back and forth with French so I don't lose it.

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I think you could be right.

I found that studying words and sentences patterns just before sleeping at night or in the afternoon nap really helped when I reviewed after I woke up.

I read somewhere that even when you're not actively thinking about something your brain likes to organize it in your head unconsciously. I think taking a break can help you when you come back to it. As long as you come back to it.

I think there should be a warning at the beginning of Chinese elementary books. Warning studying Chinese may burn you out make sure to pace yourself.

What do you think?

have fun,


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How's your French going?

It's going ok, definitely harder than Spanish or Italian though. In Italian even a newbie can usually write something that they hear once they've got the rules for consonant+h down, but sheesh I'm nowhere near that in French yet. It's like king of the dropped/silent sounds.

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