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Economics courses taught in English?


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I am American studying Mandarin in Beijing and will be here until July 2009.

I need to take two introductory economics courses - Intro to Macroeconomics and Intro to Microeconomics. Unfortunately, I've only been studying Chinese for 3 months so I need courses taught in English. Can anyone recommend a university in Beijing offering such courses?

Thanks for all the help!

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Aren't you studying in BLCU? My ex-roommate (at BLCU) was taking an economics course here that was taught in English. Her major was international studies, hence the economics course. She said that half of her major courses were in Chinese and the other half in English. Unfortunately, I don't know much more than that. Hope it helps!

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School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua might be worth a look - not sure about specific courses, but I know a lot of their classes are in English. However if you need this for credit in the US (not sure if you do) you might be better off finding out from the US which courses are accredited, if any, and working from there.

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You might try online classes through and American University. Both University of Illinois-Springfield, and Eastern Oregan University offer online economics programs. They are both regionally accredited schools with respectable on-campus departments. The nice things about Eastern Oregan University is that the charge in-state tuition for everyone, but some of their clases are not available internationally.

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