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Blog of writing pieces 作文博客


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I made this blog to start posting 作文 that I've written for my 读写 class and also any other random pieces I write. I'd appreciate people's feedback!! The title 深夜北京 is mainly because I end up writing late at night. I'm a big fan of 成语 and would especially love feedback on my use of 成语 in my writing.

I've been studying for one year now, I first studied at 地球村学院 for 7 months but now I have been at 北师大 for 3 months. I have only started writing since coming to university to study.


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I am not sure 還可以 is really better than 一般, but I voted 還可以. :) What I think is your writing is not bad, especially for someone who has only spent a year on learning Chinese. The use of chengyu is ok as far as I can see, but I suggest you pay attention to the different usage of 的得地 (this thread might help). And I don't understand what "好几场堉" means.

Plus, sorry that you got food poisoning in HK.

If you like you can read my blog (click the links at my signature) which is mostly written in Chinese.

PS - I am not sure if people in China can access blogger.com now. I heard that it was not possible or unstable.

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Thanks for the responses they have been really helpful to my blog and writing in general! :)

I am not sure 還可以 is really better than 一般

Thanks for picking up on that, I'll talk to my teachers about it. I can't change the poll now without deleting the whole thing :(

pay attention to the different usage of 的得地 (this thread might help).

Will do, sometimes it's still a bit confusing. Thanks for letting me know!

Oh and I am in Beijing and have no troubles with Blogger so it should be ok now.

It would be better if you let us take your writing at its own merit instead of adding qualifiers like the time you've studied.

This way people are voting on how I'm going for my level rather than assuming I have finished my studies and therefore voting 差. That would be a different poll. Chinese forums members are not the only people to visit the site.

I might be wrong here, but the impression I get from your writing is that you are using a dictionary a lot, I think it would be good for you to examine verb-noun pairs that usually go together and further develop your sprachgefühl before you think too much about 成語.

Your right, especially for 理想的生活 和 奥最初殖民, I have never studied anything to do with sea travelling, colonisation, meditation or enlightenment and I ended up using a lot of new words that I had pulled from the dictionary. I couldn't think of anything else to base a piece of writing about my country's history on so I went with the first fleet. You'll probably find the first piece about food poisoning in HK flows a bit better because I just wrote it from words I knew.

What ways do you suggest that I can directly improve my verb-noun problem? Can you recommend any books or websites?

What is "sprachgefühl"? :D It sounds fun. Do you mean common words that aren't sayings or idioms? Thing is I just find it so interesting, keeps things exciting for me when I'm studying.

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