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What do han chinese people think of Genghis Khan ?

Guest dingo

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《射雕英雄傳》 (金庸)

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Hmm, what about this article:

from http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2004/06/06/2003173908

Lee cites Genghis Khan as role model

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: The ex-president said the Mongol emperor showed that a small country could become the driving force to lead the world as long as it strives to do well

By Chang Yun-ping


Sunday, Jun 06, 2004,Page 1

Former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) yesterday drew on the example of the great Mongol emperor Genghis Khan (成吉思汗) to outline a goal for Taiwan's national development.

Delivering a lecture to students of Lee Teng-hui School on the experiences of leadership, the former president said the Chinese TV drama Genghis Khan which depicts how the Mongol warlord rose from a tribal chieftain to become a great emperor, prompted him to realize that "although Taiwan is small, it could become the driving force to lead the world as long as it strives to do well."

Lee said that he started watching the TV series instead of the news because the post-election newscasts were full of "clamorous reports" in the wake of the March 20 presidential election.

He said two of the most important characteristics of leadership are whether leaders possess great visions and humanity -- that is, whether the leaders could pay attention to the feelings of the people.

"I watched Genghis Khan and saw how he emerged from a small tribal leader to unify Mongolia, expand the kingdom's realm into areas populated by Han people and annihilate the Chin Dynasty. He also went as far as Europe," Lee said.


And I thought the ROC had abandoned the idea of conquering the mainland :shock:
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During the war of sieging the capital of 'western Xia'(created by Qiang-Tibetan people), he was heavily wounded, and some days later, he died,

but before he died, he ordered his son to slaughter them after occupied

the city.

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In my informal class survey of 350 mainland students, replying to the question, "Who is the greatest figure in ancient China?" Genghis Khan placed 4th with about 7% of the votes cast.

It's because the communists' class theory, and there're many

mongolians in china, in order to unite them, the communists

tend to ignore the history of that period, quite a little history

about it was taught in china. I quite doubt whether it is right

and whether it would bring the result they want. :conf

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I think when the Manchus conqueored northern China, they assimilated to Chinese culture, and when the had contact with the 宋朝(廷)Song court/Song dynasty, they would be referred to as the 金朝(廷)Jin court/Jin dynasty. When the Manchus conqueored China again, they were named 金 again until 1636, when the court was renamed 清Qing.

-Shibo :mrgreen:

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