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The Chinese expression for IPR protection


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"The Chinese expression for IPR protection has only been in dictionaries since 2000" an article in China Daily (19 Oct 2007) says. Is there an expression for IPR protection except for the widely used 保护知识产权? Such a long expression cannot be in dictionaries, can it?

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1.) property is a type of right. Saying "property rights" is a tautology, like saying "sufficient enough" or something equally redundant.

2.) 知识产权 is a term used in the mainland. Taiwan law uses the term 智慧产权 instead. The point: translations are subjective.

3.) re: dictionary. While IP has been a cause of litigation in the US as early as the 1800's, it wasn't until the later 20th century when it really became codified into a set of statutes. Further, China has never been, and still isn't as far as I'm concerned, a 法治 country; therefore, its no surprise that the IP black letter law took so long to hit the books over here.

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