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HSK vocabulary textbook in Shanghai


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i know it should be easy to get but could someone suggest a good place to find a decent range of HSK vocabularly textbooks, i will be sitting the upcoming hsk exam(s) and need to extend my vocabulary. also any particular suggestions on how to extend my vocab other than books, or which books are great?

i am situated in xuhui district, shanghai at the moment. i am aiming for HSK 5/6

would be much appreciated


edit: could mod please move this thread to resources thread, my bad

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I've not looked for HSK vocab books but the following have teaching materials including HSK stuff:

(1) Not in Xuhui district but the Foreign Languages Book Store on Fuzhou Lu is a good place. They definitely have HSK stuff. (I think the cross-street is Fujian Lu. The address is in the upper 300's. It's on the north side of Fujian Lu)

There is also a large Chinese bookshop (7 stories) on the opposite side of Fuzhou Lu and a little further west if I recall correctly. I think this has some HSK stuff on the 4th floor and I think a little stuff on the 7th floor. I also saw a decent selection of books (on the 4th floor) with the text in both English and Chinese. Some of these looked quite interesting (e.g. biographies of famous people), although definitely beyond my level. Maybe this is also useful for expanding vocabulary.

(2) In Xuhui district, the Garden Bookshop on Changle Lu (close to Shaanxi Lu and not too far north of the Shaanxi Lu subway stop on the No. 1 line) Go upstairs for HSK stuff.

(3) At the Shaanxi Lu station itself, there is a fairly large Chinese bookshop. They have a small foreigner section on the left. It has some Chinese teaching materials. (The entrance to the bookshop is right opposite the exit turnstiles.)

(4) There is also a large Chinese bookshop on the south side of Huaihai Lu. It's further east along Huaihai Lu if you come out of the Shaanxi Lu subway but I can't remember how much (500m - 1km?). Might actually be closer to the Dongping Lu station



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Both the Foreign Languages Bookstore on Fuzhou Lu and Garden bookshop I mentioned have a lot of HSK stuff, so I imagine that they have HSK vocab books - it's just that I wasn't looking specifically for HSK books, so I didn't take particular notice of exactly what it was that they had.

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So I headed out to the Foreign Language Bookn Store. The range there is quite reasonable, for vocabulary text books there were about 5 different options with their respectively different levels of difficulty.

I ended up buying my vocab book form down the road from 上海书成 which may have been what HedgePig mentioned as being Westwards (back towards 人民广场地铁站), I also picked up a copy of Aesops fables with both Chinese and English, maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough =D.

Here are the books..

photo344r.th.jpg photo345w.th.jpg photo346a.th.jpg photo347l.th.jpg

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