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Is there a Chinese or for that matter Non Western theory of Internatinal Relations?


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Hi there all,

Does anyone know of an International Relations theory that is Chinese or Non western?

At a stretch you could perhaps consider Sun Zi as a realist and Mo Ti as a Liberalist (based on info from one of my current readings)... but this is still using western based theory to shoe horn their philosophies/theories into something we recognise... I am looking for something that describes similar ideas and relationships to western IR theory but that are homegrown so to speak. I fear that if there does exist something then it might be in response to western thought... although perhaps Confucianism could be considered IR theory if you brought it up to the international level... muck like Marxism perhaps... cheers all

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I don't know much about it, but there are certainly books and articles you can read:


Why is There no Chinese International Relations Theory?


Chinese Perspectives On International Relations: A Framework for Analysis (Hardcover)

by Gerald Chan


The Philosophy of Chinese Military Culture: Shih vs. Li (Hardcover)

by William H. Mott IV (Author), Jae Chang Kim


A Cultural Theory of International Relations

Ned Lebow

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Fanglu... thanks for the reminder... This has potential but is perhaps even more nebulous than Marxism/Leninism as an IR theory...

Gato you are the man... I have some similar books on Chinese FP and the Military workings... I did order one of the books from Amazon UK though, the first of your excellent suggestions... I also (finally) managed to check out the irchina website with some of its great articles...

Many thanks guys...

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