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How to call relatives in Hokkien ?


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Hello everybody,

I'm half chinese.

My dad is a chinese who grew up in Indonesia.

His parents emigrated from southern China to Indonesia so I think my family speaks Hokkien.

Now my question:

How do I call them ( and pinyin) ?

- 4 older brothers+wifes + sons and daughters(cousins)

- 5 older sisters + husbands+ sons and daughters(cousins)

- 2 younger sisters +husbands+ sons and daughters(cousins)

Please help me !!!:help !!!

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Hi Mauschi,

I am Chinese Indonesian, too :-)

Do your father's siblings live in Indonesia or in China? If in China, you can probably use the Mandarin terms.

Unfortunately I don't know the Pinyin, but the Hokien terms with Indonesian spelling is as follows:

father's older brother: mpek, his wife: wak

father's older sister: ko, her husband - I don't know (I call him Om, which is the Dutch word)

father's younger sister: I don't know

For cousins, I call them like they are my siblings, so koh (like "gege" in Mandarin) and ci (like "jiejie" in Mandarin).

Hopefully others will chime in.

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