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First Episode 46: 大生活

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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.


Emule - 56.com

This didn't strike me as particularly good, but if you fancy exposing yourself to a bit of Sichuan-flavoured Chinese (I'm sure this isn't full on dialect, as I could understand it) and watching a harmless tragicomedy, you could do worse.

Basically we get mechanic ...er, forgot his name... haplessly getting himself mistaken for a terminally-ill convict, killing two innocent people (I know he's not specifically blamed for the reporter, but come on - he helps him fix the car and then there's a car accident?), striking up a friendship with one of the widows and finally losing his company's long overdue wages. Watchable, but certainly not unmissable.



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Just like you said -- it's not too bad, but not terribly good either.

It's a mixture of drama and dark comedy. 柳东 decides to help the widow and son of a guy for whose accidental death he feels responsible, and he seems to be falling for her, which will doubtlessly lead to more awkward moments in the future, especially since his explanations how he met her husband are anything but convincing.

Could develop into an interesting watch, but the first episode was so-so. Some nice scenes from more traditional houses. The language is easy in terms of vocabulary, but the Sichuanese accent/dialect and poor sound quality make it upper intermediate level.

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