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Shanghai International Studies University Intensive Chinese Programme - has anyone ta


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Shanghai International Studies University offers an intensive Chinese language programme (36 hrs/week, http://oisa.shisu.edu.cn/en/lmview.asp?lmid=555&newsid=548), and I'm considering whether I should choose this instead of the standard 20 hrs/week programs at other universities.

Any advice? Has anyone taken this course? Is it maybe too intensive? Does anyone know of any other unis in Shanghai (or Beijing) that offer these intensive courses (>20 hrs/week)? I have looked at the websites of Fudan, Jiaotong and ECNU, but Shisu seems to be the only one.


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I can tell you from classmates at SISU when I was there that what you're considering will be a lot. Especially if you are beginning. It depends on your level, your ability to absorb and handle intense learning.

I took the 20 hour course and can tell you it was more than enough. Plus, it gives you time to go out in the Chinese world and communicate.

If you take more than you can handle then the rest will be wasted.

I would recommend the 20 hour course and use the free time to get out and see Shanghai. (after studying of course).

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36 hours of class time per weeks seems like too much to me. While it depends on the person, for foreign languages I would allocate 0.5 to 1.5 hours of out-of-class study for each hour of class study. Assuming you believe that ratio, that gives you about 80 hours of studying Chinese per week. I can't speak for you, but personally I don't think that would be productive for me and I would saturate. Plus, it would be absolutely no fun at all.

Now if for some reason you need maximum fluency ASAP this might be the way to go, but if you're doing it more for fun / personal growth, then taking it slower makes more sense to me.

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If you want to study more than 20 hours per week, my advice would be to stick with the 20 hour uni course, and then hire some private tutors for the rest of the time. Since teachers have to cater to several students at a time in class, there is very limited opportunity for personal interaction. A private tutor, on the other hand, will be able to focus on your individual needs.

Besides, you should be able to find students to help you for about 30 yuan/hour. At this rate, it probably also works out cheaper than classes. You just have to look around to find someone competent.

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