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There's a lot of Chinese learning material in Russian, the more well-known authors being В. И. Горелов (V. I. Gorelov), С. Е. Яхонтов (S. E. Yahontov) and Н. А. Спешнев (N. A. Speshnev). I'm assuming Atitarev would know more about them.

Thanks, yes, I have heard but not used.

I used the ancient but quite popular Т.П. Задоенко, Х. Шуин - Основы китайского языка and Основной курс китайского языка. I also have a good small dictionary. I lost when I moved house a great dictionary of Stalin and Mao time, which had a lot of Mao and Stalin quotes, which would be fun to read now. It's outdated but has many examples sentences.

Well, English is still not so common in Russia - that's why the map shows very few Russian users here, so many Chinese learners in Russia frequent other forums, one is in my signature right now: Eastern Hemisphere (in case I change my signature). As I posted in other threads (about foreign students and about the year of the Chinese language in Russia), the interest to Chinese in Russia is very high.

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a really usable functional approach that combined examples in English, Hanzi and Pinyin and audio, together with relevant audio, and then in a section for each chapter going into a lot of depth of explanation of grammar and usage.
Doesn't Integrated Chinese do this? Haven't used it myself, but have seen it in passing. Now that I think of it, DeFrancis' books used this approach as well, except for the in-depth grammar explanations perhaps, but you can always pick up a grammar book for those.

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Philip, I wasn't so much talking about textbooks, though I have also seen a lot of that (also a lot of specialised textbooks). They just have a lot of specialised learning materials, about chengyu, about vocabulary, shadowing materials, conversations, differences between Japanese and Chinese vocabulary, different types of grammars etc. The market for Asian languages is just bigger in Japan than in the English-speaking countries, for obvious reasons.

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Say something nice below and maybe I'll add it to the list of quotes


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