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Measure word dictionaries


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I want to get a measure word dictionary and I'm trying to decide between this or this. I currently have this and what I don't like about it is that it doesn't list nouns/verbs and their corresponding measure words, but lists the measure words themselves with a few of the most common nouns/verbs they go with. Has anybody used the first two? What do you think of them?

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I have your current book as well as Sinolingua's "A Chinese-English Dictionary of Measure Words" that you are considering. I like the layout better on the latter book (which makes it much easier to read) and also the fact that every noun it uses seems to be included in the index. However, it is still a fairly small book so the number of nouns listed is relatively limited.

I like the book. However, if you're looking for the definitive measure word dictionary, the Sinolingua book would not be it.

Where does everyone else go, on-line or otherwise, to double-check their measure words?

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I haven't used any of those books you mentioned already but I do have Cheng & Tsui's Chinese Measure Word Dictionary by Fang and Connelly. It works three in ways.

You can look at a list of measure words and see examples of what nouns use it.

You can look up a noun in English and see a Chinese phrase including the measure word. Or you can look up a Chinese noun and see a phrase including the measure word.

These last two sections are particularly useful for those of us learning Chinese.

All three sections contain simplified characters, pinyin, and English.

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