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Shanghai Normal University, Sept 2009?


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I will be studying in Shanghai Normal University this September. I'm a Chinese Indonesian btw. If there's anyone out there also studying at the same term, i would like to make friends..

So that i won't be a total stranger when i get there :)

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hello hello!

how is your chinese? my name is andrew and i have been studying at shnu last semester (im currently in mallorca spain holidaying it up) but i will be there next semester. ill be coming back around the 16th of august

i will probably be entering 中等二 或者 高等一 not sure yet.


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Sorry for the really late reply.

As a new student here, i don't get the internet until my student card is out.

I'm in Intermediate 1 (intensive). And, btw... the toilet really SUCKS. it's horrible!

If anyone wants to hang out together, my number is 1521-674-6221

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I just enter the dorm at xue shi yuan, and really not satisfied with the dorm

1) The dorm is hotel like which only have little window for air, so i must use air conditioner all the time.

First it's not health and second it takes a lot of money for electricity

2) The transportation is not easy from this dorm and after reach the main gate, you still need to take about 200m walk to the bus stop

3) The internet service is very slow, i paid rmb 80 because my student card has not been issued and can't open many sites. Evenmore, my VPN service become very slow combined with dorm's internet.

4) I installed wireless internet service at china telecom and very upset that the signal at the dorm really sucks that it can't even connect

I bump in this site when i'm looking for another university for next semester within 2 days i arrives here, reall cool :(

I hope the teaching quality is good enough so that my misery will be less painfull

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Hey Budikurns, are those the international student dorms that you are talking about? cause someone told me they were okay.

Anyways I am also studying at ECNU this fall semester.

However they arent able to provide me with housing as it is full.

Does anyone know of any places around ECNU where i could live for the fall semester? Or at least any website or any numbers where I could start to search for a place to live??


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hello everyone, i will be applying for shanghai normal university under student exchange programme and would like to know more:

1) the living condition, dorms, toilets and environemnt

2)food since i am a muslim, i would like to know is there any halal restaurants nearby

3)how far is this university from the subway or is this university located near to the city center

i did read that this uni is located far away from the metro station but they are not so sure about it also.

thank you for your time, :)

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