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Volunteering in China


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So I'm taking the year off before university and I really want to volunteer. I'll be in China for 3-6 months. I'm looking for a place to volunteer at that could hopefully provide me with some sort of accommodation and meal plan and I don't at all mind paying a fee (as long as its pretty reasonable). If its near a place I can hunt down free WiFi, that is a major plus (near a major city, in a major city). I'm pretty interested in helping around orphanages, in schools, or some environmental landscaping/building. Please and thank you so much!

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At least give krams credit for being honest about what is important to him/her!! Although, rephrasing "free WiFi" to "reasonably-priced internet access" would sound better....

Back on topic, did you check this thread? http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/143-volunteering-in-china&highlight=Volunteering

[Asking a question without spending 30 seconds with the search feature is worse in my book than requiring free WiFi....]

Later addition: or here: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/3643-volunteer-in-china-1yr-programs&highlight=Volunteering or here: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/20186-anyone-worked-with-these&highlight=Volunteering

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Thank you and next time I'll be sure to search around first.. For the whole free wifi thing: Although I am taking a year off, as a student I'm pretty poor and I need internet access to handle school details, payments, scholarship checkups, and an organization I co-manage. Once again, thank you.

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I stand by my comment.

NGO's operating in Yunnan that I know of:

Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge (CBIK)

3/F, Tower A, Zhonghuan Building, Yanjiadi Residential Area, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 4123284,4123519

Website: www.cbik.org

Christian Blind Mission International

Guanshang Nan Lu, Jinyuan Gardens, Bldg 29, Unit 3, Rm 202, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 3536339

Website: www.cbmi.org

Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

88 Jiaoling Lu, Think UK Residential Area, Jianqiao Yuan, Building 1, Unit 1, Rm 1104, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5426230

Website: www.cwef.org

Daytop Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation Center


47 Xihua Lu, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 4180139

Green Watershed

7/F, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences Zhishang Building, 133 Qixiang Lu, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 4182395


Habitat for Humanity International

C1-10-301, Yukang Huayuan, Jinxing Dong Men, 4 Wanhong Lu, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5700282,5632881

Website: www.habitatchina.org

Health Unlimited

Beijing Road, Beichen Xiaoqu, Fenghuang Cheng, Unit 3, Rm 1201, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5737726

Website: www.healthunlimited.org

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

Yunnan University, 2 Cuihu Beilu, Library, Research Room 9, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5032896

Website: www.iirr.org

Joy in Action

4-4 Yangchang Village Yunbo Bureau, Longquan Town, Panlong District, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 6247233

Website: www.joyinaction.org

Pesticide Eco Alternative Center (PEAC)

540 Baiyun Lu, 5/F, Jiecheng Building, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5732268

Website: www.panchina.org

Population Services International

12-C Xinhua Office Tower, 6, Renmin Dong Lu, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 3164075

Website: www.psi.org

Project Grace

PO Box 130, Jinhuapo Youdiansuo, Kunming

Phone: (0871) 8221231

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Weiyuan Jie, 8-C Huayuan Building East Tower, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 3606033

Website: www.aidsalliance.org

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

TNC China Program Head Office, 77 Xichang Road, 8/F, Qixiang Building, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 4182966

Website: www.nature.org

WWF Beijing-Kunming Programme Office

世界自然基金会 (瑞士) 北京代表处

2 Cuihu Bei Lu, Yunnan University, Kunming


Phone: (0871) 5039066

Fax: (0871) 5031665

Website: www.wwfchina.org

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Just keep in mind, and I'm sure this is probably mentioned in one of the other posts linked to above, that some Chinese will be profiting off your good nature. As such, ask for details of what you'll be doing up front, including a schedule that includes hours per week, days off, benefits, etc.

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This topic was started ages ago but is probably still relevant, so here's some interesting newer information:

This is about the work the UK not-for-profit / NGO, VSO, is doing in China, in the field of volunteering. So if you're looking for volunteering possibilities in China, it could be worth contacting them - you can be any nationality, it recruits volunteers with relevant experience / qualifications from anywhere in the world. I worked for them some years ago (when they were running an English-teaching programme in China) and would recommend them as a sound organisation.

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