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The ones I've seen have been okay. I've seen a few that didn't really have the right English translation (IMO), but they weren't that bad. Dict.cn's a great site, and loads better than CEDICT. The only better online C-E dictionary is nciku, as far as I know.

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The main advantage of CEDICT (and CC-CEDICT) is that you can download it and use it in all sorts of software. It is extremely useful for creating vocabulary lists, flashcards, etc.

There are better dictionaries online, but they are closed.

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creamyhorror, if you ever want to plant your seed in me I will carry your child(ren)

nciku is phenomenal.


(As an aside, I assume the sentences on nciku are good as they're from dictionaries, yeah?

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I'll pass, tacoface, but thanks :lol:

Yeah, I think the nciku sentences are fine. Not that Dict.cn's are bad, really. I suspect the latter are from an English-Chinese corpus somewhere, but I can't be sure.

renzhe: Yeah, it's unfortunate that CEDICT seems to be the only choice. There are other dictionaries that seem to be freely available (and are better than CEDICT), but no one seems to have converted them to a usable form yet. For example, StarDict has a bunch of useful dictionaries, particular the Xiandai Hanyu Cidian and the Gaoji Hanyu Dacidian. (Possibly due to copyright concerns...)

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