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help inputting some characters


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I'm come across a couple of characters I can't find the pinyin for in order to actually type them. They're what you might call "speech particles" or whatever the proper name for them is (I've forgotten).

The characters I'd like to type are:

1. 屋 with 口字旁 ("o" - as in "o哟").

2. 母 with 口字旁 ("mm" - as in "mm,什么?").

3. A character that is kind of a combination of 唉 and 欠 ("e" - as in "e, 他怎么走了?").

4. Lastly, a character that is a combination of 口, 音 and 欠 ("hm" - as in "hm! 胡说八道!"). I realise this one is not very common and most Chinese don't seem to know about or use it... it's just for my own curiousity. :)


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You might want to check out the Wubi Input method. It allows you to type any Chinese character without the need to know their pronunciation. It took me about 2 weeks of training before I could fluently type it, but it was definitely worth it.

Most Chinese computer systems will allow you to choose Wubi from the task bar. You could for example type "kzzz" and page down to scroll through all characters with 口子旁. Here, the "k" stands for 口 and the "z"'s are jokers.

Your fourth character 噷 would be "kujw" standing for "口立日人". The pinyin is hm, but it can't be typed with the pinyin typing method. I just checked and added the character to cedict. It was not in there. strangely.

Your third character is still unidentified, maybe you could check again its spelling.


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if you're using 新注音輸入法 (without tone mark means 1st tone, ˙ (輕聲) doesn't work with any of them)

1. 喔 ㄛ

2. 呣 ㄇㄡˊ

3. 欸 ㄟˋ , 誒 ㄝˋ oder ㄒ|

4. 噷 ㄒㄧㄣ . doesn't look it's used that way in Taiwan, ㄏㄣˇˋ doesn't lead anywhere.

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