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First Episode 49 - 局中局 (The department inside the department?)


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.

youku - Emule (avi) - Emule (rmvb)


Not sure what the English title should be, but I started watching this a couple of days ago & about 5 episodes in still enjoy it. So far it's mainly drama - at times a bit sickly, but interspersed with some genuinely funny comic moments. It seems easier to understand than 家有儿女, 奋斗 & a couple of other things I've tried watching.

It starts with the MD of a big company falling ill. His failure to turn up to various public events would cause dire problems for the company, so of course when his PA publicises his illness, he has to go to the events & gets really ill.

Fortunately the PA noticed someone who looks uncannily like him at a car wash, eventually tracks him down and persuades him to act as a double. Although his coarse habits almost reveal him - through luck he's quite successful.

Eventually, just as he's settling into the role, the boss starts to recover, and it's time for him to go.

I'm still in visa doldums, but I'll try to write up a proper 'first episode' when they're sorted...



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As far as I'm concerned, we can make a first episode out of it, and if you can provide more info, all the better.

My only question is whether one of the admins can change the title to indicate which first episode in a row it is.

In the meantime, some links: youku - Emule (avi) - Emule (rmvb).

The avi version is a bit smaller, so I guess the rmvb version has better quality.

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This was more entertaining than I expected. Also much easier than I expected, onebir is right. I'm attaching a beginner-level wordlist, which is a bit long, but you'll see that most of the words are really easy. The few difficult ones are not really relevant for understanding the story.

咳嗽 ké sou * to cough

喷嚏 pēn tì * sneeze

取消 qǔ xiāo * to cancel / cancellation

无端 wú duān * for no reason at all

冒犯 mào fàn * to offend

保证 bǎo zhèng * guarantee / to guarantee / to ensure

醋坛子 cùtánzi * A jealous lover

辞职 cí zhí * to resign

明确 míng què * clear-cut / definite / explicit

收回 shōu huí * to regain / to retake / to take back

炸弹 zhà dàn * bomb

破烂 pò làn * ragged

破釜沉舟 pò fǔ chén zhōu * lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (成语 saw); fig. to cut off one's means of retreat / to burn one's boats

航班 háng bān * scheduled flight / flight number / plane

订票 dìng piào * to book tickets / to issue tickets

啥 shá * (dialect) what

安排 ān pái * to arrange / to plan / to set up

冲 chōng * to rinse

师傅 shī fu * master / qualified worker

贵姓 guì xìng * what is your name?

董事长 dǒng shì zhǎng * chairman of the board / chairman

办公室 bàn gōng shì * office

模特 mó tè * (fashion) model

绝顶聪明 juédǐng cōngmíng * extremely intelligent

自信 zì xìn * confidence / self-confidence

规则 guī zé * rule / regulation / rules and regulations

失陪 shī péi * Excuse me, I really must go. / (modest set phrase on taking leave)

宣称 xuān chēng * to assert / to claim

强悍 qiáng hàn * valiant

攻击 gōng jī * to attack / to accuse / to charge

示弱 shì ruò * to show weak / the impression of weakness

硬撑 yìngchēng * hold out or keep on in spite of difficulties

忠告 zhōng gào * advice / advise

助理 zhù lǐ * assistant

职权 zhí quán * authority / power over others

范围 fàn wéi * range / scope / limit

提醒 tí xǐng * to remind / to call attention to / to warn of

香菇 xiāng gū * shiitake (Lentinus edodes), an edible mushroom

笔头 bǐ tóu * ability to write / writing skill / written

贫血 pín xuè * anemia

吸血鬼 xī xuè guǐ * a leech / blood-sucking vermin / a vampire (translated European notion)

支气管 zhīqìguǎn * bronchus

炎症 yán zhèng * inflammation

控制 kòng zhì * control / to exercise control over / to contain

肺炎 fèi yán * pneumonia / inflammation of the lungs

泄漏 xiè lòu * leak

挡酒 keep someone away from alcohol

克隆 kè lóng * clone

机器人 jī qì rén * mechanical person / robot

具体 jù tǐ * concrete / definite / specific

孪生兄弟 luánshēngxiōngdì * twin brothers

孤儿 gū ér * orphan

查清 cháqīng * check up on

身份 shēn fèn * identity / status / capacity

广告 guǎng gào * to advertise / a commercial / advertisement

形象 xíng xiàng * image / form / figure

昏倒 hūndǎo * To faint, or to lose consciousness

诊断 zhěn duàn * diagnosis / to diagnose

泡妞 pào niū * to pick up girls (esp. Beijing slang) / to play around (with ladies) / to chase after (sexual partners)

房地产 fáng dì chǎn * real estate

资源 zī yuán * natural resource (such as water or minerals) / resource (such as manpower or tourism)

行业 háng yè * industry / business

商业帝国 commercial empire

气胸 qìxiōng * pneumothorax

恢复 huī fù * to reinstate / to resume / to restore

展期 zhǎn qī * to extend the period / to reschedule (a debt)

家世 jiāshì * Lineage and descent of a family.

神经病 shén jīng bìng * mental disorder / neuropathy

After "demoting" 家有儿女 to lower intermediate status, I was hoping that another elementary-level show will pop up, and this is as close as we're likely to get. Very simple, modern conversations, without strong accent, and the story is very easy to follow even if you miss the occasional sentence.

It's not a great drama, or comedic genius, but it's really not offensive either, and makes for an interesting watch if your goal is to practice Chinese.

I'm downloading a couple of episodes because it makes for good listening practice.

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Watched the first episode of this - I won't go any further, but it was amusing enough and the language is pretty simple. The plot shouldn't be too hard to follow either - as is probably the case with any show revolving around someone having a double.

The lead guy also played the illness-prone CEO in 锁春记, which I maintain was actually good despite everyone else in the world thinking it was nonsense.

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I finished the first ten episodes before my interest slowly faded.

I still find it enjoyable, and would recommend it as an unassuming comedy set in the business world that's easy to follow. It's just that I'm watching and reading too many other things.

I might come back to it at a later time.

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Just started watching this after being on a steady diet of 非常勿扰 and 8090 for the past couple of months. I'll try to watch an episode a day and post vocab lists, at least up until 春节 when this plan will likely go out the window :rolleyes: Plan on watching a lot more TV this year so hopefully can do more stuff for the first episode project. Some of my definitions may be slightly different to whats in your dictionary as I often slightly modify things to fit context and make things easier to remember. Also, apologies for no pinyin tone marks in these first two, was typing in a hurry.

Ep 1 Vocab -

无端 wuduan no reason

醋坛子 cutanzi jealous person

破釜沉舟 pofuchenzhou burn one’s bridges

勇往直前 yongwangzhiqian keep going forward

套住 taozhu stuck with something (task etc)

下场 xiachang result

强悍 qianghan brave, valiant

顺便 shunbian mention sth in passing, by the way

赊 she buy/sell on credit

俄 e blackmail

硬撑 yingcheng persist, force yourself to do sth

忠告 zhonggao give advice

支气管 zhiqiguan bronchitis

应酬 yingchou social outing/event

露面 loumian make an appearance

破绽 pozhan weakness/flaw

挡 dang block

炸锅 zhaguo worked up, flustered

不堪设想 bukanshexiang don’t dare to think about (bad)

肺炎 fei yan pneumonia

起草 qicao draft (plan etc)

跌 die drop fall

垮 kua collapse, fail

Ep 2 Vocab -

天衣无缝 tianyiwufeng flawless, perfect

稀里糊涂 xilihutu confused

登场 dengchang come on stage

冒充 maochong pass sb/sth of as as, pretend

万一 wanyi supposing, if

陷阱 xianjing trap

恕我 shuwo excuse me

相提并论 xiangtibinglun incomparable, not on the same level

精英 jingying quintessential

出类拨率 chuleibacui stand out from the crowd

精明强干 jingmingqianggan intelligent and capable

方案 fangan solution

器重 qizhong believe in somebody, have faith in

携款潜逃 xiekuanqiantao take the money and run

巴不得 babude long for, really want

抠门 koumen stingy

一塌糊涂 yitanhutu messed up, chaotic

指着 zhizhe rely on

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Ep 3 Vocab -

颠 diān unstable, upset

正如 zhèngrú just like, the same as

预料 yùliào expect, predict

洋相 yángxiàng faux pas, social blunder

炒作 chǎozuò manipulate stockmarket

勉强 miǎnqiǎng force somebody to do sth, unconvincing

成全 chéngquán help sbdy achieve their goal

干脆 gāncuì might as well, simply, straightforward

醋意 cùyì jealousy

雷池 léichí boundary, limit

愣着 lèngzhe distracted, in a daze

畏畏缩缩 wèiwèisuōsuō jittery, nervous

忠心耿耿 zhōngxīngěnggěng loyal and devoted

实干家 shígànjiā man of action, capable

介质 jièzhì medium

沉不住气 chénbuzhùqì can’t control oneself

我行我素 wǒxíngwǒsù stick to old habits

暴发户 bàofāhù new rich

白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā start from scratch

措辞 cuòcí wording

憋 biē suppress, hold back

韬晦之计 tāohuìzhījì bide one’s time

但凡 dànfán every, all, whenever

周到不识庐山真面目 zhōudào bùshílúshānzhēn fail to see the truth about something

疏忽 shūhu Careless, negligent

露馅儿 lòuxiàner Reveal the truth

粗枝大叶 cūzhīdàyè Careless

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