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First Episode 51: 我们的八十年代


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.

Soho - youku - Emule

Plot Summary & Vocabulary

It's a good one with some episodes being really simple to some with a lot of 成语‘s, technical language and the such. Story line is not over done but has elements of intrigue, love story, practical jokes, etc all throughout it. Feels kind of slow at first but it moves fast despite not being fast paced.

You'll like most of the characters except probably the "bad guy" and man it's even up to the last episode that he is able to keep his nice guy act up. I hated him. It made me mad

Soho's description:




From Sina









It is basically about a salt factory in the eighties and how a college graduate comes there to work for a short period before going into a better job. The relationships are very deep and complicated by the main male lead 段玉刚 is kind of the cool guy that takes care of everyone. That part of the plant was built by his father and his 师傅 [his father died when he was a child] and an explosion that had happened a few years before plauged him as it was blamed on his 大师兄 and he can't accept that. He suspects his 二师兄 秦光明 who seems to always be plotting stuff behind people backs was the true cause. Of course these two guys are fighting for the 大学生 [yes they call her that] 满晓星.

If renzhe watches it I know he will do a lot better job at summarizes what happens.

I'm actually still torn in the end whether I really liked it or not. But I think I did. Anyway...



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This was quite watchable, but nothing really special either.

We are following a salt factory in a small town, like muyongshi explained. There are several shifts/departments (don't remember), and they don't really like each other much.

One day, the guys from one group interrupt a dancing exercise led by the new student 满晓星 and bully 丁惠茹. She is often picked on because she's a widow, but is a good friend of the people from the other group. Of course, the other group shows up, led by 段玉刚, the local cool guy with a james dean complex. During the commotion and mass fistfight, 段玉刚 accidentally dislocates 满晓星's shoulder.

秦光明 takes her to the hospital and gets all sleazy with her, while 段玉刚 and others are getting scolded for causing trouble yet again. Everyone from the group (except 段玉刚) goes to the hospital to apologize to 满晓星. 段玉刚 stubbornly refuses to do so, until he finds out that 秦光明 is after her, which wakes up his macho pride and he decides he'll win her over instead. This doesn't seem to sit well with 丁惠茹, who is head-over-heels over him.

寡妇 guǎ fu * widow


罗锅 luó guō * humpbacked (e.g. a bridge) / in the form of an arch / a hunchback

聚众 jù zhòng * to gather a crowd / to muster

胡搅蛮缠 hú jiǎo mán chán * to pester endlessly (成语 saw); an annoying troublemaker

划拳 huá quán * finger-guessing game


青工 qīnggōng = 青年工人

伦巴 lún bā * rumba

寸铁 cùntiě * a small weapon

流产 liú chǎn * a miscarriage / an abortion / to abort (an action)

敌敌畏 dídíwèi * dichlorvos


严打 yándǎ * crackdown

脱臼 tuō jiù * dislocation (of a joint)


笤帚 tiáozhou * broom

文质彬彬 wén zhì bīn bīn * refined in manner / gentle

癌症 ái zhèng * cancer

财迷 cái mí * money grubber / miser

缺钙 quēgài * have calcium deficiency

纯粹 chún cuì * purely


上梁不正下梁歪 shàng liáng bù zhèng xià liáng wāi * If the room beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked (成语 saw). Subordinates will ape their betters. / Leaders of society should set a good example. / People need role models.


娇气 jiāo qì * delicate / squeamish / finicky

挑衅 tiǎo xìn * provoke

有滋有味 yǒuzīyǒuwèi * delicious

八点二十的眼睛 "eyes like 8:20", a sad crying expression :wink:

骨折 gǔ zhé * broken bones / fracture


嫌弃 xián qì * to avoid sb (out of dislike) / to one's back on sb / to ignore

The level was intermediate overall. Some of the fast accented exchanges are tricky, and there are many colloquialisms as can be seen from the wordlists. But it's relatively easy to follow the plot of this episode at least.

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惠茹. She is often picked on because she's a widow,

I don't think this counts as a spoiler, it's just a background thing that they hint at before finally telling you what it really is.

She's not a "widow". She had a boyfriend that already had a girlfriend and she didn't know about this. Unfortunately, she and the other girl got pregnant at the same time. The guy couldn't take the pressure and killed himself, at which point the other girl and her family came to the factory and caused problems and actually beat up 丁惠茹. Can't remember for sure but pretty sure she lost the baby at that point, if it wasn't at that point it was when she then proceeded to try and kill herself. Pretty sad story. Another thing about this is that 段玉刚's 二师兄 [guy in jail] is in love with her so of course he would never have any feelings towards her, he just is trying to take care of her.

I like how renzhe described this show:

This was quite watchable, but nothing really special either.

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Thanks for the explanation. She did seem a bit too young to be a widow, but they kept saying "widow", so I took it at face value :conf I don't know how exactly she lost the baby, but they mentioned 人流 while picking on her, so I guess she had an abortion. Can 人流 refer to a miscarriage?

I think that this is one of those shows that you can finish if there is something that catches your interest -- an actor you like, an interesting story arc, or nice scenery, but nothing that absolutely has to be seen, and no reason to recommend against it either.

Worth giving the first episode a shot, there are some fun scenes.

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