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Pakistanis in Hong Kong


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It's about Pakistanis, about Hong Kong, about curry, about being muslim, and at the end a little bit about cricket.

I saw this programme earlier tonight and I liked it a lot. All the Pakistanis in the programme speak fluent Cantonese, and the kids are totally accent-free.

I felt sad when I heard one of the kids say Hong Kong Island was beautiful but she had only seen picture of it. Of course the island is beautiful and I am a native but it is a shame that the kids have never been to the island. And why did they say that there was no discrimination? Their being so contented is disturbing.

The programme is good. Take a look -> http://www.rthk.org.hk/asx/rthk/tv/streetscenes/20090627.asx

The first episode of this series is about Africans in Guangzhou (with a Tanzanian guy speaking pretty good Mandarin with a southern accent). Take a look if you are interested -> http://www.rthk.org.hk/asx/rthk/tv/streetscenes/20090620.asx

And watching the programme I was reminded of how odd it was when I went into a restaurant in Konya, Turkey. I was the only woman in the restaurant ... and while I was eating the waiter guided another local woman to share my table ... And again I was the only woman in a cafe in Tripoli in Libya ...

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The Onion Router / Vidalia

One of the best free "proxy type" solutions available imo.

Stuff is blocked all the time here on this side of the line. I don't think the Northerners know much about HK stuff at all, but for example we get HK tv here in Guangdong, since the indigenous people are also Cantonese. TVB or ATV (probably we only watch TVB haha), will randomly cut out at any time whenever something the mainland gov deems controversial, or not appropriate for mainland Chinese come on tv. They literally have peopel there waiting with their finger on a button which switches you to commercials, and then they will continue with the broadcast after the "unsavory" part is done. From what I have noticed though, this seems to be almost exclusive to news broadcasts though. As for the net, a myriad of .hk sites are blocked here, same as any other foreign country, as they do not fall into government monitoring procedures, and are therefore located "outside" the great firewall.

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Nice link, skylee.

I've always wondered what the experience of Pakistanis (and people from the sub-continent in general) is like in Hong Kong. One of the interesting things I've noticed is that before an election, there are always many political banners of various candidates in TST, and the ethnically Chinese candidates tend to say something about looking after the concerns of minorities, while the ethnically Pakistani (and Indian, Bangladeshi...etc) candidates seem to want to demonstrate how they would be good for broader Hong Kong interests. I've always thought that was pretty progressive.

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