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Visiting Dalian in Winter


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I plan to go to Dalian in December (possibly spend Christmas there as well). I plan to go for 2-3 weeks. I have few friends there that can show me the city.

I know it might not be the perfect time to go in Winter. But I always wanted to see China, and I have only during December free time to make a trip like this (Winter vacation). I also planning to spend few days in Beijing and also visit some places close to Dalian.

I was also thinking to arrive to Beijing spend few days there, see Great Wall (I hope I can see it under snow), and later go to Dalian.

What will I able to do in December in Dalian? Do you think I would still be able to enjoy my time in Dalian during December?

How is weather there?

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I agree with Roddy. You could always take a trip to Dandong, and get a glimpse of North Korea. Just be careful not to accidentally cross over, or you could end up doing 12 years of hard labour.

Shenyang also has a couple of attractions, for example the Gu Gong and Zhao Ling tomb.

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Yes, I also heard about Dandong and that broken bridge. I also think there is some kind of reconstructed section of great wall, right? Tiger Mountain, maybe?

I don't know why I heard from many people that Shenyang is boring. I heard about some of those Qing tombs there. Maybe would be something nice to see. I like historical things.

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The most likely reason that you heard Shenyang is boring might be...You heard it from a Dalianer. I don't really understand why it can happen, but one of my friends who came from Shenyang told me that Dalianer always say something bad about Shenyang. He said Dalianers do Choinio(means something like boast).

I have been to both Dalian and Shenyang. To be honest, if you want some historical stuffs, go to Shenyang. It's a city which you can find historical sites all around(However, Some of them must be fakes. I saw a hotel in a palace like building, with A/C on the wall). The Qing Tomb is famous, and there is bunch of great places in Shenyang to visit. You can just Google for them. Dalian is a beautiful place to visit, but it is not that "beautiful". If you want go to the beach, some crowded place full of thousands of natives, go to Dalian. Otherwise, shenyang should be much better.

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