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Where China's most beautiful women are


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Dalian recently came out on top as the city in China with the most beautiful women.


Chongqing and Chengdu took top honors in 2nd and 3rd place. Women from Sichuan province are reputed to be very attractive. At a popular Chinese restaurant that I frequent, there is a very sexy, confident, and great-looking waitress from Chengdu with great personality, intelligence, and legs. We often discuss Chinese history. One time, we were talking about women in China and she mentioned that women from Fujian province are one of the ugliest. I then asked her in Mandarin, "What about women from Shandong?" She said, "They are very attractive". I then asked her "What about Sichuan women"? She replied, "The answer is right here" :oops:

Suzhou and Hangzhou used to hold top honors. Of course, this list is highly subjective. 8)

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Women there, according to the writer, are well-known for their fair complexion and are generally taller than their cousins in the south.

So I was quite right to suggest on another thread that someone could describe his "female friends from Northern China" as "高佻白皙" ... 8)

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Hey at least three cities within 200 km of each other are on the list:

Suzhou, Shanghai, and Nanjing; beating every other region! And what happened to Hangzhou?

The list is definitely too PC, Suzhou should still be number one for its population, per capita beautiful women in Suzhou is very high.

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