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First Episode 57: 狙击手 Shooter


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.

Great series in my opinion. Main character is 陆涛 from 奋斗 and I was suprised with how well he did in this one.

Found on sohu

From sohu:




It's been a few days so I'll try and recap the best I can but it is about. It is set in the 40's during the Japanese occupation and chronicles the story of 龙绍钦 {his dad was a land owner so they always call him 龙少爷} who is a sharp shooter {i honestly hesitate to call him a sniper even though that is what they were going for} and his fight against the Japanese, his self-hatred and depression, an old fling who is now married, his being accused of a spy because he always is the only survivor on his mission, and his interaction with the communists.

Later on in the series the Japanese bring in their own sniper to respond and fight back. There is also a "mystery sniper" but it's pretty easy to figure out who.

What really got me about this was how it was told entirely from the perspective of the KMT. Well not entirely, but 龙少爷 is faithful to the KMT however he does 同情 and in fact becomes very good friends with them and works with them throughout the entire series.

The first is very interesting and gets you into the show and really sets the stage for the series. A few of the following are kind of depressing and annoying as 龙少爷 is trying to get out because he is so guilt ridden and always downtrodden but it gets good. The ending was probably one of the most interesting I have seen yet, but won't give it away.

Sorry, I am not as good as Roddy or Renzhe. No pictures and no word lists. Just go watch it!



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Right, I'm going to watch this. Muyongshi, please watch this in return.

I'm starting this in about ten minutes if anyone is online and wants to make fun of it with me as we watch . . .

Edit: Got about 30 minutes into this and the video player seemed to lose the place. Wasn't enjoying it too much so I'm not going to bother watching the rest.

I can see this being viable if you want a war story, but to be honest it just seemed to be mostly lots of shooting and explosions, and a baby-faced 陆涛 making a not very convincing battle-hardened sniper. Not a great deal of talking though, so shouldn't be too hard to understand.

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