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Hakka Online Multimedia Dictionary 客语动画图典


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When I am not in China one of the things that keep me interested in Chinese is exploring new online resources for learning & so I came across this cute Taiwanese site during the day. It is an archive of multimedia lessons, from elementary to intermediate level in both Hakka & Mandarin pronunciation for a pretty concrete vocabulary list with 双语例句 audio for words in context & if you navigate a bit further, there are also other options for learning both Hakka & Mandarin, with, for example, Hakka proverbs explained in Mandarin.

Briefly, considering a general lack of solid online resources for minor dialects, I think this is a nice online tool, if you don't mind learning Hakka kiddie style, that is. Anyway, the best thing is it works in two directions: no matter what your level of Chinese is, the picture dictionary lets you learn a dialect and revise some simple vocabulary at one go. There's only one thing which may be a disadvantage: the text is in traditional hanzi & btw I've no idea where the start page is actually :oops:, but whoever is curious enough to explore it, I'm sure will find ways and means to surf through the site.

Here's the search page & some pages I found interesting (some of these words I didn't know how to say in Mandarin, let alone Hakka! :roll: )


Transportation (interesting difference in vocabulary, Hakka vs Mandarin & also Guoyu 脚踏车 vs Putonghua 自行车)

Insects (!)

Household furniture

Sea creatures

Hakka proverbs

Riddles (Mandarin)

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Here's another nice site for Hakka fans :D

This page 天天客家话 has audio clips - no transcripts, but WOW those mp3 lessons are in the form of dialogue in GOOD Mandarin!Really great for Mandarin speakers (like me :tong ) who want to learn the basics of another Chinese dialect .



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