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Interesting site for people interested in Hokkien, Taiwanese, Minnanhua


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I came across this site http://hokkienese.com/

The reason I'm posting it is because it's the first site that I've found that provides POJ Romanisation for a lot of the material there. I only had a quick look but there's some lessons, songs and other stuff that my be useful for learners of Hokkien, Taiwanese, Minnanhua, etc.



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I've just browsed briefly through the site and it looks GOOD 8)

Minnan is said to be the trickiest of all Chinese dialects and I'm not hoping to learn more than just a few words & phrases, but yes, I'm a great fan of 方言 - I really enjoy exploring them, if only for fun. Thank you for sharing! :clap

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I was looking at another forum when I came across this thread


You can download a Hokkien - English dictionary. I assume that because of the date of publication it is now in the public domain, right?



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Don't know if anybody has come across this gem, but it has helped me immensely with new vocabulary! It has the Taiwanese Romanization that coincides with my texts and, in my opinion, is the best standard.

Taiwanese Dictionary with voice files


...even has some bad words in there, ha!

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From the 'Made in Taiwan' blog...they talk about Harvard Taiwanese 101 (哈佛台語101). There's a link where you can watch/download the first nine lessons. I only looked at the first one but it looks very useful. I would be interested in buying the book. Does anybody know if one can?


Harvard Taiwanese 101 (哈佛台語101)


A PPT introduction to Taiwanese 'Keys to Taiwanese' based on the above book:


And actually the website http://taigiol.fhl.net/ seems to have quite a lot of stuff.(if you can read characters)

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Glad to see this topic is still active.  Can anyone recommend any resources to help intermediate Mandarin speakers acquire Taiwanese Mandarin or learn to avoid common mistakes when trying to speak in Taiwan?  This week, I'm learning from these areas below, but I could always use additional pointers.




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