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First Episode 66: 蜗居 Dwelling Narrowness


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If anyone is interested enough, you can go on to youtube and search for 蜗居 to find various clips of news/current affairs programs talking about the housing situation in China and their link to this show, there's some very good background info regarding this in the clips

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If anyone is interested enough, you can go on to youtube and search for 蜗居 to find various clips of news/current affairs programs talking about the housing situation in China and their link to this show

It's made the English language media now, the Australian Financial Review today had quite a long discussion of 蜗居 (which they translated as Snail House) and the Chinese property market. Haven't seen a discussion of a Chinese TV show in a Western newspaper before.

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Wow, I never knew Jiangzhou (江洲) was actually Shanghai. I initially thought that there is a city in China called Jiangzhou before I realised a few episodes into the series that it's in fact a fictional place.

I know, the actors aren't that famous. I recognise Wen Zhang (文章) who plays 小贝, and I'm pretty sure the actress playing 郭海萍 is called Hai Qing (海青). I don't know anybody else.

I don't know if it's just me, but I really like the way 海萍 talks. She speaks the most perfect Mandarin I've ever heard in my entire life (no kidding), which I think is due to her impeccable pronunciation and the way she "hits" her tones so well. To me, she sounds way better than any Chinese newsreader or TV presenter i've heard. When she talks, it seems like the words flow out so effortlessly and I feel her speech is greatly embellished by her confident, down-to-business/no fuss tone, although I know she can be a complete (the 5 letter "b" word) at times (but that's what makes the show so hilarious). Anyway, if anyone wants to improve their Mandarin pronunciation, I suggest that when you watch this, pay close attention to her speech and try to imitate. You can't go wrong if you do that! :D

On the contrary, I don't really like the characters 海藻 and 小贝. I know 海藻 is really caring towards her sister and when she tries to repay her kindness it often comes at the expense of her own happiness (a quality which I do admire), but she seems too emotional (not in 海萍's way), shy and not as “爽快” and “利索”(sorry, it's hard to find English equivalents for these words) as 海萍 in doing things. Also, I don't really like the way she talks (I know, I'm going back to this again...). Her words don't flow well like 海萍's does from a technical point of view, and the stuff she says give off the impression that she's perpetually confused.

In regards to 小贝, the way he acts towards 海藻 is really really corny and I know he's trying to be romantic or whatever, but it really puts me off and sometimes I even get goosebumps. I would prefer it if he acted a little more normal. He was actually really good in <<奋斗>>, but I don't know what happened to him in this television series.

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doraemon, you just have to creat a account on www.viikii.net and then while you watch the video you go on the caption and subtitle panel and you had the subtitles in the right segment.

You're a life saver, thank a lot. (anyone else is welcome to come help).

Here the channel page again: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/DwellingNarrowness#.

But if you prefer there is the old way of creating a text file with the translation, then we'll fill in the segment. We accept anything.

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Regarding my previous post, don't worry, it's all under control. It took me a while to figure out how to do everything, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

I've finished subbing the rest of episode 2. There's still the odd sentence which isn't translated (sometimes because you don't need to and other times because it's too hard to), and it's a little rushed, but I suppose it's good enough.

I'll move on to the first episode now. It might take a while though. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:


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Plug pulled on this show: http://www.china.org.cn/arts/2009-12/09/content_19033071.htm

An article from the same website, written in German, says that an official from the State Administration of Radio, Television and Film was quoted with disparaging comments about that series and there now seems to be a drive amongst Chinese netizens to find compromising info on that official in order to get him removed...


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Okay, I just finished watching the whole thing. It's funny to see how there's so much innuendo in this drama and also some open and direct references to, well...you know...

I was watching it with my parents and it gets really awkward when the characters are talking explicitly about that kind of stuff. They still think I'm too young to know about it, even though I don't think I'm that young. LOL! :D

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