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Shi Tong

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Hello! :)

Just been reading through a sample GCSE paper on the edexel website (thanks for giving that info to me!!!) and found I can read about 95% of it. I reckon I probably have to go back and revise my writing, but it's quite enlightening to find that out.

Do you think I was just lucky enough to understand what was there, or is this truly representative of what a Chinese GCSE paper is like? If it is, then I might book myself in!

Thanks for your help!:mrgreen:

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HSK is a standard Chinese exam from China, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, although you may have already found that out yourself by now. Taiwan has its own version, I forgot the name.

Traditional and simplified is both fine, pinyin and zhuyin are both fine, but if I were you I'd either study traditional with zhuyin, or simplified with pinyin. Simplified with zhuyin is not very practical.

Best of luck!

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Taiwan has its own version, I forgot the name.

It's TOP (Test of Proficiency).

But the original poster might need the GCSE for his school credit, or something similar. I don't think that it is comparable to one of the standardised tests out there.

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Hello! :D

The only English college which appears to offer a Chinese GCSE is EDEXCEL. Currently I'm not even sure what my aims are. Taking a degree in Chinese might be too much for me, but I also dont know, so that's why I'm thinking about starting with a GCSE, with the aim that this would mean I could think about doing an AS or A level.

It looks as though EDEXCEL offer traditional AND simplified Chinese exams. I've already learned a lot of Traditional Chinese, so I would think about doing that, and I already also know Zhuyin better than pinyin.

I might look up this "TOP" exam in Taiwan, but I would assume I'd have to be there. I'd also assume it would be much more difficult!!

Thanks for your support!!!!:mrgreen:

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Thanks Daan,

I spoke to a Chinese tutor on Sunday and found that she thought I was ready to take the EDEXCEL GCSE Mandarin exam if I did a little study using their text books. It does seem pretty easy to me and would only require some filling in, so I may start with this and head on to doing an A-level. (I can take a course in A-level etc without being too bored and having some kind of challenge I'm guessing, so long as I get a good GCSE first!)

I'm guessing that it doesn't matter too much where I get my Mandarin GCSE from, so long as I get one, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanks again!! :D

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