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Who else goes both ways with SRS?


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On 4/16/2021 at 7:45 AM, imron said:

it’ll get you 90 of what you need


For example these 2 words I got it wrong few times. i am learning these meanings as part of idiom 循序渐进. 


1.盾 dùn shield, (person and a shield (dùn))

2. 循 xún follow, obey, comply with

3. 予 yǔ to give, I, me

4. 序 xù order, sequence, preface


how to connect these words to their meanings?

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I wouldn’t bother learning the parts 1 and 3, although if your interested in this stuff, the Outlier Linguistics dictionary will probably be if interest to you.


Personally I’d learn the whole word as a unit, and if I wanted to break it down, I would t go any further than breaking it up as 循序 and 漸進

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On 4/18/2021 at 5:41 PM, imron said:


I wouldn’t bother learning the parts 1 and 3,



Thanks for your advise. In this particular  case  character 3 did not help much, but for 1 st word xún ( i remember soldiers wearing shields and following the orders of commanders, that is my personal aid to remember the meaning ‘follow’ ). but some other words breaking down to sub component level has made things much easier. For some words no connection.I am using outlier dictionary. 


After your advise tried checking whether any combinations has any more meanings. xúnxù combined word has “in proper order/sequence” meaning. I think that this will definitely help further in remembering this idiom. thanks


the failure to remember made me to work further on the gaps in connecting to meaning, and here is my latest card with additional notes. ( the character yǔ not helping with meaning, but helping in pronunciation)


循序 xúnxù in proper order or sequence 

循序渐进 xúnxùjiànjìn in sequence, step by step; to make steady progress incrementally

循 xún follow, obey, comply with

盾 dùn shield, (person and a shield (dùn))

序 xù order, sequence, preface (orig.) the east and west walls of the main room in a traditional, Chinese dwelling

予 yǔ to give, I, me

进 jìn  advance, make progress 

井 jǐng well, mineshaft, pit 

渐 jiàn gradually

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