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Santa Claus is coming to town


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When I was about 3 years old, this song used to scare the hell out of me:

He sees you when you're sleeping (!!:help!)

He knows when you're awake

He knows when you've been good or bad

so be good for goodness sake!

You had better watch out indeed.

This Christmas I discovered that there is a Chinese version, but the lyrics are not exactly a direct translation:




My concern is that a generation of Chinese children who do not have to worry about being spied on at night by strange men will fail to develop the moral fibre necessary to be responsible global citizens and will instead remain Little Emperors.

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A quick question.

Now my daughter is old enough to write a letter to Santa by herself. She did, and she received a return letter from Santa. I was thankful but more so, surprised. :conf So postal office is doing this work? But how many letters do they have to sent to children? It involves some work like printing letter and mailing label according to the child's name. How many resources do they need for this onerous job?

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Isela, I agree with you (I was mostly joking). I think the Western version is too scary for small children and although some adults and older children find it amusing this can be a bit mean spirited. I really like the Chinese version and had it on continuous replay while I was working out the other day.

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@Rob07: No worry. I actually would agree with you to a good extent. Our "小皇帝"们 DO need better lessons to get responsible. They'll either learn it now, or later when they are forced to change in the society, with greater pains.

Anyway... This song is also one of my favorite! I found this hilarious video online. I've never heard of its Chinese version though.

And it's really nice to hear Outofin's story! I'll check with our local post office later for whether they offer such service. If they do, I'll be their volunteer next year. :mrgreen:

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