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Tradition Chinese Midi Folk midis?

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Where can I get traditional chinese folk midis? Or music? But right now I'm looking for midis.

Not the new pop music. But the traditional songs or music they would play in tang dynasty ming dynasty or dynasties before with the traditional chinese instruments but in midi form. I've tried looking but had no success. I found a few but most of them sound what westerners associate with chinese music like more modern chinese inspired music not instrumental folk music of past. Please help if you can thanks!

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Reading your post I browsed through some sites and found one of my favourite melodies in midi 格式:琵琶语. Sounds GOOD!

For more Chinese traditional music you can try huain.com ,华音网站,perhaps you can find what you're looking for there, or try Chinese midifan forums ,MIDI 爱好者社区.

Have fun~

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