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importing a sword

Antony Wood

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Hello everybody!

Does anybody here know the current laws or have any experience with importing swords into mainland China (Shanghai)? I am having a sword made in Australia and would like to have it shipped to my home in shanghai, and worry about having it taken away at customs.. Can anyone help?



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It will probably never get through customs.

I know a teacher whose entire suitcase was withheld by customs because he had a belt adorned with empty bullet casings and a Japanese flag. Customs had no intentions of returning anything until a phone call was made.

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What kind of sword is it? If it's something like a Taichi/Wushu sword and not sharpened, you probably won't have any trouble (I never had any on the multiple times I've taken mine through).

Edit: Just realised you were talking about shipping, and not carrying it through as checked in luggage from a flight. That may make a difference.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the responses so far. The sword would be shipped from Austrailia, it is a sharpened functional Dadao. It looks like a wushu sword, but it is in fact sharp. I have also brought in dangerous looking swords checked in on the plane with no problem, its just the shipping that worries me..


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