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Do these words just mean "tease", or something more serious?


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As far as I know, this phrase varies in meaning depending on where it's used. In the North, people I've asked think of it as a physical way of "macking on someone." But while I was living in Nanjing (which I consider to be Southern, even if it is the "Southernmost Northern City"), I made a joke with this word thinking it was just flirting, but was told that it meant something more like "eating out" (lovely descriptive imagery, of course). I tried to confirm this with various Chinese people I knew, and got similarly varied answers. Like when you use the phrase "hook up" in English, it might be a good idea to specify how you're using the phrase.

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I think it's obvious that 吃豆腐 has the potential to express both meanings of to tease/flirt and to engage in sexual harrassment. Wenlin lists both of them, and everyone here seems to agree it's either one or the other, or both.

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