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2010 Spring Festival Gala: Heads-up; Anticipation and Watching Live!


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Ladies, gentlemen, and those who prefer to maintain an air of mystery:

As the Chinese New Year festival approaches, thoughts turn to the annual extravaganza that is the 春晚 - the gathering of song, dance, magic, comedy and bits of space hardware with which CCTV says goodbye to the old year, hello to the new one, and hopefully doesn't burn anything down.

The content of said spectacular are of course the subject of frenzied debate and anticipation. However, after an indepth two minutes of browsing CCTV's official page, I can reveal that the 2010 event will feature:

Wang Fei! Faye Wang! 王菲!(众人:王菲是干啥的? 一群众演员:唱歌的! )

Maybe no 小沈阳。Did CCTV 差钱?

But if 小沈阳可以有,he may partner up with the lovely 金玉婷 rather than 赵本山。

And more stuff about 赵本山 in relation to other people.

Hang on, that's mostly just wild speculation. I'm personally predicting lots of tack, no jokes at all about burning buildings, still having references to the Olympics, maybe some about the Shanghai Expo, and a brief shot of national leaders who may or may not actually be there. Look out also for tributes to the peacekeepers killed in Haiti and a piece on how well post-earthquake reconstruction in Sichuan is going.

It all takes place on February 13, and as tradition dictates there will no doubt be a few people on here watching it live on TV or online - come along nearer the time and we'll sort you out with the necessary links. If you want to review earlier events, check out the 60th Anniversary parade and last year's 春晚.

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Hmm, so arousing.

I know little about teenagers' favorites as shown on the CCTV link. But if they continue bring some old friends back, I would definitely watch. Last year (or the year before last year) they invited 罗大佑. And this year they have 王菲?

王菲 has married a incredibly boring actor and now is a mother of 2. No matter how she's going to perform, I'll applaud.

I heard about 小虎队's return at some point. That's something worth checking out too.

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It's clearly my post that's arousing.

Random 春晚 updates:

Slang for those long-standing 春晚 participants that everyone's a bit tired of (this would be 赵本山 and who else?) - 春晚钉子户。How badly do those people need Pinyinput?

Talking of which, the big man himself has confirmed that 小沈阳 will be appearing. So Gougou can't watch.

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There's some discussion on the net about there needing to be less Dongbei comedy as represented by Zhao Benshan on the Spring Festival show.





Some suggested 陈佩斯 as someone who can provide some balance to Zhao Benshan. See a video of his skit on the 1984 Spring Festival show. I think I watched that one. :wink:


1984年春晚相声小品 吃面条 (陈佩斯 朱时茂)

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Excellent, we get to see 佟掌柜 - unfortunately it's not a 武林外传-themed 小品, which would be the best thing ever. I always like to see the actors though, even if it is in rubbish like 派出所的故事. (潜伏 is of course an exception).

In other news, CCTV have said that if Gougou isn't watching, they'll probably not bother.

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Does anyone know whether the CCTV gala is going to be available on-line for later viewing or if the live show will be rebroadcast later?

Here in Shanghai, International Channel Shanghai is planning its own live gala. Someone has invited me out for dinner on New Year's Eve and, unfortunately, I can only record one channel with my DVR.

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So what time will that be on in the U.S. ? Will they show it live from their site?

It’s all kicking off in about two hours. There's a list of places to watch here - P2P直播入口 requires the installation of some plugin, 免插件直播入口 won't, but it says they're only open to overseas users. If you want English in some form (not sure if there'll be commentary or subtitles or what) there's a fairly obvious English link. If you can't wait that long, here's 2009's in bite-sized pieces.

There's an hour by hour programme also, so you can decide if you're most looking forward to the song 和谐大家园 (or is that a collection of songs?), or the 小品 version of The Graduate, 家有毕业生.

Bits you might actually want to see - 王菲 is due on third in the second hour, so sometime after 9pm Beijing Time (and shortly after that there's an interview with 16 female pilots, quite possibly the ones that flew over the 60th Anniversary parade). 赵本山 and 小沈阳 are about half way through the list for the fourth hour, so 11:30pm - although that's a rough guess, don't wander too far from the TV. Oh, and there's a cluster of names I recognize: 孙楠、容祖儿、王力宏、余翠芝 - in the second half of the first hour. Can anyone else spot anything?

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