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廣韻 in Excel database


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I use this way too much to hog it all to myself.

Download page for 廣韻 in an Excel database. Made in part by the guy who made this playlist. It is handy when used along with these tables.

廣韻 is a rime dictionary compiled from 1007 to 1011 which describes Early Middle Chinese. One may use rime dictionaries such as this to reconstruct historical phonology. Used along with information on how different linguists reconstruct the initials, finals, and perhaps tones, one may learn how certain characters sounded.

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THANKS! Someone once gave me some links to those YouTube videos, but the links he gave me were dead, and I hadn't been able to find the videos since. I don't know why, since the playlist is called "Middle Chinese", but anyway...

And thanks also for the 廣韻 Excel file, that's certainly going to come in useful. Can I ask where you started learning about Chinese historical linguistics? Does your university offer related courses? Mine doesn't, so I've been trying to teach myself, with some guidance by some of our professors. But obviously, that's quite hard, so I always appreciate your posts and learn a lot from them.

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Can I ask where you started learning about Chinese historical linguistics? Does your university offer related courses?

The University of Utah offers a course called "Structure of Chinese: Phonetics" (CHIN 5281) but from the course description, I suspect it only covers Mandarin. I've met a few Chinese major graduates and they said not much about historical phonetics was covered. I'm not really sure where I started learning, but I'd guess it was when I started seriously studying Mandarin, and subconsciously comparing it to Cantonese. As you might know, Mandarin and Cantonese are descendants of Middle Chinese. Then I saw that playlist, and I thought it was teh pwn. Sorry if this isn't much help.

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