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DUFL vs. Liaoning Normal?


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I've decided to study in Dalian over Beijing for 1 semester of study. I feel if I were to study in Beijing, I would get too distracted and lose site of why I traveled to China, to learn Chinese. I plan on using Harbin Yale Commercial Consulting Company (HYCC) which is mentioned on these forums. Any preferences on DUFL vs. Liaoning Normal University? Any help would be appreciated.

This will be my first time in China. HYCC does a great job of setting up living accommodations. Would you recommend I stay in a university dorm or off-campus apartment?

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I would recommend Liaoning Normal. Both Normal and DUFL have about 600 foreign students studying Chinese. I have never attended either (I opted for Dongcai) but having met both administrations I would say Dongcai are far more professional and proactive than DUFL. Both are major hubs of teaching Chinese in Dalian. DUFL's more downtown in Zhongshan District, while Normal's in Shahekou; Normal has a nicer campus while most under and postgraduate students at DUFL have been shunted off to far away Lvshun.

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Last summer I studied I studied for three months at a private language school in downtown Dalian near Olympic square. At the end of my studies, one of my teachers, a graduate of Liaoning Normal University gave me a tour of the campus. I loved it! It was more peaceful when compared to downtown Liaoning. Also the campus is quite new, and modern with great facilities. I even went to the Chinese Language building where I passed by a couple of Chinese language classes. I would have loved to study there. The neighborhood in the campus is quite colorful with many small eateries catered to students. Also, I was surprised that I could take bus #101 to the Downtown Dalian and be there in 20 minutes. I give it a thumbs up, in terms of location, character. As far as instruction goes, I can't say because my learning was in the private school I went to. regards

xing jian

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Hi All,

I would like to recomend LN (Liaoning Normal University). LN is famous at training teachers and it has a good campus, which the private school can not provide. DUFL is famous for its languages training.Most of DUFL's schools moved to Lvshun, a few school stays at the old capus at Zhongshan Campus, which are not so good in DUFL. What I mean in LN you can find the real campus culture. LN's accommodation is better and cheaper than DUFL.

If you stay for a long time (more than 6 months), then off-campus appartment is a better choice. More convenient than in the dorm but a little far away from the campus. It is sort of cheaper than the dorm.

Thanks for your comments on HYCC. I work with HYCC. We would be happy if our students are happier.

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