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Europeans In Shanghai


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Hello! I am from Greece, I have made an application to Chinese government scholarship for next year and i am waiting the results.

Even if i am not accepted, i have decided to go to Shanghai on my own expenses and study on a language program.

I just made the topic to come in contact with other Europeans who think of studying to Shanghai on a language program next year.

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hi takarot

We (a friend + me) will be there for sure... or at least in the neighbourhood (Hangzhou/Ningbo) :)

I also applied CSC, but no result yet. But I am also determined to study there, I even bought my flight tickets :) (there was an extraordinarely good CX deal, so a return flight cost 340€).

Which SH universities did you nominate on your application form? When do you get the result of CSC scholarship?

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I am also waiting for the results of CSC. I hope i will getthe scholarship, as everyone who has also applied,hehe!

I have included SISU, ECNU and Shanghai University in my application and probably ECNU is my preferable choice.

Which are your options Lantos?

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Hey im from GREECE also and ill move to Shanghai in september. (tha milw agglika g na katalabainoun k oi alloi)

I ve been accepted in fudan university for the 1 year language course and ill be staying in the dormitory on campus.

Good luck with the application! When u planning of going there?


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