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Translation For Chinese Symbols Tattoo


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Hi guys,

I am hoping to get a tattoo of 4 Chinese symbols on my arm, and was hoping it could read 'Sydney, Australia'.

I believe 悉尼 reads 'Sydney' and have been told that 澳洲 is a shortened version of 'Australia'.

Was just wondering if someone could confirm this for me? So that getting the four together tattooed on my arm as 悉尼澳洲 would read how I think it does and not an incorrect way.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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looks like you just have an order problem whether to put 澳洲 in front of 悉尼 or 悉尼 before 澳洲. I think its totally by your free will, in Chinese we usually put bigger things before smaller things, like mailing address, province-city-district-street-building-unit-door-name, in English is opposite. in your case, either way people will understand your tatto's meaning, so just matters how you feel better with it, and btw, you were told right about these four Chinese charaters that corresponding to Sydney,Austrilia. good luck!

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