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niubi -- I like the radio!


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I've been listening to it for the past hour, can't get enough of it. From the states (where I am now and for the next two months, sadly enough) it can be really hard to get your hands on Chinese music that isn't extremely mainstream. So now I have some ideas for what to check out when I get back. You ever listened to Liu Ning (刘宁) or The Flyz? I chose them back when I was in Kunming for the interesting cover art, I didn't have any other way to judge, heh. Liu Ning is kinda dark trip-hop, and the Flyz ... well, I guess it's straight up rock. You've prolly heard it, but lemme know if you want a listen.

Just wanted to give you props. Welcome to these forums. :)

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thanks for the welcome.

of course i know the fly. as to liu ning, no. that is to say, i don't know his solo music, but i am familiar with the music of his first band, wei.

thanks, i am happy that you enjoy my shoutcast. i have only a bit more than 800 tracks playing on there; i have a ton of cds to encode, but its time consuming, especially adding all the artist, track, and album info (in pinyin and english - goddamn i hate translating, not to mention that my chinese is rusty as hell).

there are some good cd shops in kunming. last september i bought some 60 albums there. when i was there in 1997, i had a much more difficult time finding anything. while i am pleased with this development, i am saddened by kunming's development (read 'destruction').

how's the local music scene at present? i never had a chance to check it out.

by the way, brain failure and hang on the box will be coming to perform in the u.s. in late october thru early november. as far as i know right now they will play in NYC and the bay area. i have also heard some talk of portland and eugene, oregon.

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The local music scene in Kunming is so-so. There are a lot of good bands making music, not a whole lot of venues for them to play it -- only two decent ones that I can think of. My boyfriend made a band recently with a Danish guy playing a mix of Western Nirvana style rock and traditional Dai music. Interesting, to say the least. They did a couple of gigs locally before the Danish dude had to return to his homeland. Kunming would be perfect if there was more live music, if I ever open up a bar there (me and a few friends are in the scheming stages of this project that may or may not ever materialize, it's hard to say) maybe that will change some! ;)

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