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Feedback On A Chinese Name


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Dear all,

I spent quite some time thinking and investigating about a potential Chinese name, hoping to have something that sounds nice, has a good meaning, and brings luck to my upcoming life in China. My first name is Patrick, my last name is Karl. A Chinese friend recommended 凯博特. My research showed that 凯 is no Chinese last name, although I might be wrong.

Your feedback and ideas would be highly welcomed. Thanks a lot.


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Thanks for your feedback. I am glad to read that 凯 is a last name. My research was not thorough enough. :unsure:

I have to admit that I like the "triuphant, victorious" meaning of 凯. Will I seem arrogant?

How does 博特 work as a first name?

When I enter these three characters into Google, I receive 16.7 million responses, but they do not seem to be names. How come?

凯博特 Google search

Regarding CrisPal's proposal: 柯博思

罗佩孜-柯博思(Jesus Lopez-Cobos)

Pascal Coppens 柯博思

In German book about Chinese names I also found 世贵 as translation to my first name's original meaning. 柯世贵 seems to exist in rare cases judged by a Google search.

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I’m afraid the surname 凯 is so rare that even Chinese people find it strange and 博特 also sounds unusual as a first name. In all probabilities, a Chinese will associate the name凯博特 with a foreigner. If you simply want to have a Chinese name, 凯博特 is fine. But if you wish for a typical Chinese name, probably it is not a good choice.

As for 世贵, I feel in Chinese culture today it is readily suggestive of a solemn, elderly man or a person who highlights social status and has a sense of superiority. I suppose it is not a good choice.

If I may venture a suggestion, I’d like to recommend the surname 康. As for the first name, I have no clear idea now. Maybe 博伟, 泽宇, or 灏阳 will do. 康博伟?康泽宇?康灏阳?

If you feel the surname 康 acceptable, you may consult the following web page, on which many first names are suggested for 康.


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