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How to learn Chaozhouhua?


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It's difficult to find any textbooks on Chaozhouhua, any idea about it? I've made a search at the Hong Kong Central Library, but still couldn't find much.

seen a few chaozhouhua dictionaries and collection of chaozhou idiomic phrases in some bookstores in beijing. it's pretty close to fujian dialect, aka hokkien, sometimes generally known as minnan.

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One of my best friends speaks chaozhou fluently. It's pretty widely spoken outside of China, among Chinese speakers in SE Asia in particular I believe. I did a quick search on the net one day and found a pretty large amount of info about it. It's sometimes called Teo Chiew (there are a lot of variations on that spelling too), so you might try searching for it under other names as well if you haven't already.

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It's pretty widely spoken outside of China, among Chinese speakers in SE Asia in particular I believe.

Most overseas Chinese in Thailand speak Chaozhou. Although it is related to Minnan it is still largely unintelligible to Minnan speakers. However, perhaps if you found something that detailed the phonetic shifts and differences in vocabulary then you could make sense of it by using some text books for Minnan (aka Taiwanese, Hokkien, Hoklo, etc.).

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Hey everyone.

First of all, to learn more, please go to


Teochiu, aka Chaozhou (in Mandarin) is actually a Minnan dialect. Minnan is a large family group of Chinese dialects, which includes Hokkien (Fujian hua in Mandarin) and Taiwanese.

Teochiu has many other names and spellings. You'll often see it referenced as:


"Chiuchow" (Cantonese pronunciation),

"Diojiu" (romanized spelling according to the Shantou University Publishing romanization system),

Teochow (butchered spelling of Teochiu and Teochew),

and even Swatow (a Teochiu way of saying "Shantou," a city in Guangdong Province where the natives speak Teochiu).


GagiNang is a grassroots organization aimed at Teochiu youth who are interested in Teochiu culture and language.

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Hmmm any other websites that shows pronunciation of teochew? I'm rather curious because in Singapore the teochew is so mixed with hokkien that the original pronunciation for meat in teochew "NeK" has become "BaK" and soap which the original pronunciation is "Pia Yok" has been replaced by the malay word "Sabun"

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I speak Shantounese(actually it's the same language as Chaozhouhua,just in a different accent),it's said to be more similar to ancient Chinese than Putonghua.Even though I don't always understand what people say,because after an hour's drive you'll hear another accent...

And judging from the pronuciation,Teochew should be the name of the place where this language is spoken,equals Chaozhou in Pinyin.

Actually many people have been here for many years but they can only understand,some of them can speak pretty well but they never speak it,one of the reasons is that it sounds too droll for them... :-?

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Actually, meat is called both NEK and BHAT. Both are Teochiu words.

We plan to have sound clips soon on gaginang.org so check it out.

Shantou accent does differ a good deal from the other accents, like Chaoyang, Chaozhou, Jieyang, and Puning. Actually, they all have their own peculiarities. Shantou word for "tomorrow" = MUA YIK, while the other versions pronounce it as MA YIK.

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Can't agree~~

There are at least two teachers who have Shantou girlfriends,and they regard Chaozhouhua as a headache.They grasp Mandarin pretty well,though.The best way to piss them off so far as I know,is to speak Chaozhouhua in class...

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It seems that there are fewer homonyms in Chaozhouese than Cantonese has.

There are two brother-tycoons in Hong Kong whose given names end in and (both are very common names for male). Most Cantonese speakers scratch their heads why these two brothers were given names with the same pronunciation: hung4 (Cantonese).

But later they clarified that in Chaozhouese, these two characters have different pronunciation.

雄 seems to pronounce like "Xiang" in Chaozhouese. Does anybody know what 鴻 is pronounced in Chaozhouese?

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"How to learn Chaozhouhua? Get a Chaozhouhua-speaking girlfriend! :lol:"


Lol, learning to speak Chaozhouhua is much harder that I thought. Not really any textbooks or traing material online and finding a tutor is proving to be very difficult.

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