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Writing Cursive Script


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When you first learn to write characters you learn the basic rules of stroke order. Does anyone know if there's a listing anywhere that gives you the equivalent for cursive script?

I've had some calligraphy lessons, I also go to painting lessons, and sometimes we're using cursive script. The teacher just teaches us the way to write the characters we use in that particular lesson. But it's obvious there are rules for what you can join, etc - in the same way we have rules for 'joined-up' writing' using the Roman alphabet.

I can buy books for cursive calligraphy practice, but that's just copy, copy, copy, and it doesn't spell out the rules in the way the stroke order rules get taught to you when you first start on characters. I can get the copy-books for children who're practicing writing using a fountain pen - but again that's all copying and no rules.

So, can anyone point me in the direction of either a book or a website which deals with this at the basic level?

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每日一題每日一字 is an internet video series. Each video has two parts. The first part (每日一題) talks about some topic regarding calligraphy, and the second part (每日一字) is about writing a character in 楷書, 行書, and 草書. I recommend them if you can understand Mandarin.

Table of contents

Episodes 1-50, 51-100, 101-365.

The 每日一字 parts for some of the most common characters have been uploaded to YouTube, which you can use in case ent.enorth.com.cn is slow.

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