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Buying Dvds Online?


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I recently ordered a DVD and a VCD from them. They shipped the package from HK and delivered it within a week or so. Packaging was good and if you order above a certain total, they'll waive the shipping charges. Really like the broad selection of movies and music on their site.

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I saw this topic on the homepage and came straight here to suggest yesasia! Seems someone else has beat me to it! ;) I've used it once, and had no problems(and I live on the arse-end of the world, New Zealand!)

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Yesasia rocks. In addition to offering a decent selection of Chinese movies, the site does a good job of cataloging info about the movies, so you can search for western videos in Chinese, anime in Chinese or other criteria if you want. Even the Editor's picks are helpful.

I've also ordered from DDDHouse, which is good if you are looking for action/wushu/Shaw Bros type movies. Probably less secure than yesasia, though.

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I've ordered from dddhouse.com before too, good selection and never any problems.

www.deepdiscount.com should ship internationally as well, but I have no idea about shipping costs.

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Ebay, at a guess. What is is you're actually looking for?

Nothing in particular, really. But I've noticed how incredible the price difference of DVDs is compared to any western country… :o

i'm afraid, yesasia is apart from being in english, not much use to me. :cry:

for example, assume I'd like to buy the movie "Avatar":

looking at yesasia.com, the cheapest DVD I can find is the Taiwan Version they sell at US$22.99.

(they also sell VCDs, i could get one for US$11.99 *lol*)

I can get the same movie from amazon.cn at the price of ¥21 (+another ¥20 for shipping), which is US$6.15 delivered.

But I have no idea how to order from there, because my chinese skills are – well – none at all.

PS: DDDHouse.com also is not really cheaper than yesasia. :(

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I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon.cn won't let you ship that overseas - distributors get annoyed about that sort of thing. Don't know though.

as far as I know, it is basically the same thing with whatever media imports from anywhere.

it might cause problems if I myself wanted to resell media here that is licensed only for sale in China. (as long as I don't have the authorization of the local owner of distribution rights.)

But as long as I'm only ordering single pieces of media privately (and not, like, a hundred pieces of the same item ;)) importing as a private person shouldn't be of any legal concern. Customs aside, of course.

(What Amazon.cn will say, is another story. I'll try, but I never ever had any trouble getting stuff shipped overseas from any other Amazon – so I'm optimistic :D)

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