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What do you think about WENLIN software?


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Moving to Textbooks and Resource - as a rough guide Chinese Computing is for the 'How can I use Chinese on my computer' stuff and 'Textbooks and Resources is 'How can I learn Chinese with my computer' stuff.

There are already one or two Wenlin threads, but we might as well have another one.


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It's a great dictionary. A nice tool for reading online texts, etc... But the interface SUCKS!!! why do i have to see a win 3.1 interface when I'm using winxp?? why do simple tasks require tedious actions (using the grabber tool requires clicking it for every word I want to grab. The mode doesn't stick). If it had an intuitive interface (or a readable help file-- use a windows help file, please??) it would be an absolutely incredible tool. If they added that look-up by multiple radicals that NJstar has, then it would be really nice too. It's so expensive.. why can't they hire a decent programmer?

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Choudoufu I completely agree with you, GUI really sucks, it even doesn't use contextual menus it look like an old MSDOS graphic based interface. (Looks like the old Deluxe Paint)

badboy, I've never used/seen Clavis Sinica, and I can't compare. But it is true, Wenlin is pretty estable.

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