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First Episode 74: 茶馆 (Teahouse)


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My favorite role is 唐铁嘴,a fortune-teller. The performance is phenomenal, the best I have ever watched. This guy is so funny, money-driven...Of course, he is a villain, but I love him.

The performance of 庞太监 is great as well, so funny...overall, the actors in this show are all terrific, that's why I list it in my top 3 TV plays. :P

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Yes, 民国 is usually translated as "the republic", and typically refers to the time between the fall of the Qing and the civil war. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, fighting the Japanese, reforms, that stuff.

I'm adding this to the episode project, since you did a great job of it, and having some 老舍 is always good.

BTW, if you liked 亮剑, you might want to comment here.

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I've gone through two episodes of this and I think I am going to stick with it. So far, the characters and performances are both very strong. It's the kind of show where you get the feeling the actors are really having a good time playing their characters. The set is really brought to life and the banter moves along quickly.

One question I have for rivercao or others - the play is just three acts, but the show is quite long (39 episodes). Do the two generally have the same characters/plot, or do they diverge quite a bit? I'll probably read the play after watching the show, but I was just curious.

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I'm through about 14 episodes of this and really enjoying it. There are plenty of tough parts, but there is also plenty of fairly standard conversations. The characters are great. My favorite moments are when the town charlatans are trying to pull a fast one on 王掌柜.

Most of the time, I accept the fact that the parts of a Chinese show with foreigners are bad. Here, the show is good enough that the parts with foreigners are really cringe worthy. It would be a much better show if they just didn't have foreign actors, but instead treated them like Jaws, like some unseen threat. Maybe they could have an animatronic foreigner in the series finale. Probably be better than the foreign actors used thus far.

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