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四川话 Sichuanese


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Hi everyone!

I've been learning mandarin for a year and half now and it recently became my major, it has really become a passion of mine.

Sichuan is a province that for unknown reasons appeals to me. I have a big curiosity for its dialect and I would like to learn it. Does anyone know of any good resources for that matter?

Please excuse my english, I'm a dual national (french & american) but my english isn't as good as my french.

Your help is very appreciated!!

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Sichuan dialects are much less standardised compared to some other more influential ones, so I guess it would be much harder to find books or other materials dedicated to teaching 四川话. Most of them are more of an introductory guide to the dialect, such as these two videos I found on Youtube:

Lesson 1 and

Lesson 2

The guy's accent is a bit funny (probably because of the "over-standardisation") but most of the information he gives is quite accurate. At least they will give you some basic ideas of 四川话.

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Thank you so much for your responses! My Mandarin isn't so good, I can only hold small conversations. That is due to the lack of practice in speaking, lately roommate has been helping me a lot though. I'm looking for penpals in China that both know 普通话 and 四川话 who are looking to learn french / english.

I'll give these links a try, and I do agree with Jane_PA, I'll only be able to learn it when I go there. Same applies to mandarin :( 有钱的时候!哈哈


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