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First Episode 75 (?) - 毛骗


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Been ages since I did one of those.

毛骗 is an online TV series, from the same people that brought you 大学生同居的事儿。 This time we have a group of four twenty-something con artists.

The first episode starts off with a montage of all their different scams in operation, but things get moving when an old member of the group returns after a two year absence - she's found an easy mark and wants some help.

The show's quite fun - it's not professional by any means, but it's got heart, and the material is not something that CCTV are likely to be showing any time soon. There's at least one reveal I didn't spot, but maybe that's just me. Language wise, what speaking there is is not particularly clear and there's some tricky vocab (which I haven't bothered typing up, forgive me).

Maybe worth a look - I'm not likely to watch past the first, but it might appeal to some. The ending was kind of intriguing though.

First episode on Youku

Production group's website

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I also watched the first episode. In my opinion, the beginning with all their different scams was the most entertaining. All in all, the first episode was decent but at some points the speaking wasn't very clear, and I'll have to agree with roddy that it's not my cup of tea and won't be watching past the first episode.

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Yeah, when I spotted it I was thinking it had the potential to be another 爱情公寓 - as it was it's (unsurprisingly, once I figured out who made it) much closer to 大学生同居的事儿, which frankly wasn't as good.

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This show is really amateurish, but I like it. The plot is smart, creative, and keeps you guessing. It's a bit like Sherlock Holmes in the sense that every scene is meaningful and they'll often go back and show you a small clue from earlier in the episode (or series) which was significant. I found myself engrossed in the show, trying to figure out how the plot would unfold.

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I'd still like to revisit this show at some point. It does look amateurish in almost every respect (the camerawork, the settings, heck, even the actors are not as good-looking), but it is still better than most scripted shows that actually get broadcast on Chinese TV.

I do feel the plot sags a bit after the first few episodes. It doesn't actually become bad, but it has some trouble maintaining momentum after the expectations created by the first couple episodes.

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