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Pinyin and phpMyAdmin and Character Encodings


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. . . and other stuff I don't understand.

I'm currently transferring a set of php scripts and a database from my laptop, where everything works perfectly, to webhosting.

Uploaded the scripts no problem, did a local database dump in phpMyAdmin, copied and pasted it into the SQL query box in phpMyAdmin on the server, and it looks fine when I browse the tables.

However, the output from the scripts is mangled - most of the letters with tones on are coming out as question marks.

I'm assuming this is an encoding issue. Everything local is utf-8, including phpMyAdmin. On the server, the scripts are still outputting in utf-8 as they should, while phpMyAdmin is showing iso-8859-1 (I can't change this. The pinyin displays fine in phpMyAdmin).

When I add stuff directly to the database, it all works fine. Using the scripts to add stuff is also fine. It seems to be only the database dump (simple text copy and paste, with the pinyin displaying fine) that's the problem.

It's not a major issue, as it's a small database and reentering the data or something isn't too much hassle. I just have this vague idea that it'd be nice to understand what's happening . . .


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Ah, as is so often the case I solved the problem without truly understanding it. I set the phpMyAdmin encoding to UTF-8 under the View menu on my browser, did the database dump again and now it's fine. I wasn't expecting this to work, as I didn't think the encoding change would 'stick' for the form submission, but it did, and it's fine now.


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