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Old Boy 原罪犯


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I strongly recommend "Old Boy", the best film I have seen recently. I like it so much that I have decided to type the following review that I read today.

Sweet Revenge ****

"Old Boy"' date=' directed by Park Chan-wook.

The Korean film "Old Boy" is for those who feel they've seen it all and maybe even done it as well. It's a basic prisoner-bent-on-revenge flick, yet the filmmaking techniques used here are reportedly what prompted Quentin Tarantino to call it his personal pick for this year's Palm d'Or at Cannes. Complete with a shocking plot twist, it's a difficult film to watch that will nonetheless become an instant cult classic.

When we first meet Oh Dae-su he appears to be a fat, drunk, directionless businessman who is detained in a police station. We learn he has a daughter, and appears to have quite a temper. Then, inexplicably, he is kidnapped and kept in a room for 15 years, with little idea of why he is there or even who put him there. His only goal is revenge.

Choi Min-sik is outstanding in the lead role, for when he does finally get released, his pursuit of whoever did this is relentless and brutal. We see teeth being ripped out, entire gangs disposed of with a single hammer, and the kind of raw violence that is rarely seen on film. Along the way, he meets a woman who appears to understand his inner pain. Yet all too quickly, both of them are singled out as being the targets of a type of "game" from someone who inexplicably wants to hurt them both.

It's hard to reveal more without giving too much of the plot away, yet director Park Chan-wook keeps the viewer off balance throughout. In doing so, he has filmed lengthy street fighting scenes in a single take, uses unique points of view when constructing shots, and employs an MTV-influenced editing technique that enables different bits of information to be taken in simultaneously. It's a quantum leap forward for the director of the acclaimed "Joint Security Area", and one that will certainly put him on the world map. As it is, one Hollywood studio already has plans to remake the film, in what will surely be a more sanitized version.

It cannot be emphasized enough how brutally violent this film is, or how devastating the conclusion is (sky signs here :( ). That it's not a five star film is largely due to how uncomfortable viewers are likely to feel while watching it. Yet this "Old Boy" has a style all its own, and for those who wish to see a film that will surely be referenced in plenty of conversations, this is essential viewing.[/quote']

And here is my very lame review.

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