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Salsa classes/Guitars/snowboarding/other winter hobbies


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I will be spending winter break (Dec 20-Feb15) alone in Harbin after all my classmates have returned to the states, or left for other parts of China to start research. Our Chinese roommates will return to their other dorms and most Chinese students will also return home for their winter break & Spring Festival!

Soooo I'm looking to pick up some new hobbies...

(1) wondering if anyone knows of salsa classes near HIT.

(2) Also, prices of guitars and where to find em? Might want to start learning that too.

(3) Any other suggestions for things to do during Harbin's long notoriously cold winter while everyone is gone? (Besides going to see ice sculptures and visiting tourist sites)

(4) Anyone been to the slopes for snowboarding? Is it similar to slopes in America? Know the price for lift/rentals? Safe?

Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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might be a bit late, as its already half way through winter, but heres some info to help you out.

First off, you shouldn't be too lonely. If you venture out of the gate of your campus you will find lots of people still around.

1. Not sure about Salsa but if you head to a gym you will find yoga classes and what not....i know its not the same but if you're looking for the social and exercise aspect its pretty much the same.

2. There's a street that runs to parallel to centre st that is unofficially called "music street." It's about two streets towards Sophia Church. Depending on quality you should be able to pick up a guitar for a few hundred kuais.

3. My mind went blank at that one. Hit an indoor swimming pool. Go ice-skating. Enjoy the bar scene. Play with fireworks. Improve your Mandarin. Take a trip to XueXiang....

4. Yabuli is around 25 kuai for the train and then, including equipment and lifts, should be no more than 300 kuai for a full day. You must bargain though. I've paid as little as 50 kuai. There are cheaper and closer places too. Mao Er Shan is ok.

Nowhere compares to North America though. You'll find the snow hard and compact.

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Hello thanks for that. It's difficult to find open restaurants but otherwise I know everything else will be closed til around the 6th-10th of February.

Gave up on the guitar idea hahah but I did find some guitars for cheap on 2nd-hand websites/classifieds. I found these websites in another thread in this forum:



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