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advice please


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I was looking for some advice. I have read the thread about palm's and a friend bought a chinese electronic dictionary last year in China which he say's has been a great help to his study.

Can anyone give me some advice on which might be the better option to buy or even some names of electronic dictionarys that you may have used in the past.

any help would be greatfully received


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I'm going to admit to being incredibly biased in favour of a PDA / Dictionary combination, despite having never really used a more traditional electronic dictionary.

I'm currently using a Tungsten T3 (this is relatively top of the range, you could manage with something less powerful) and Plecodict. Plecodict is still in a kind of beta mode, so it's not fully functional.

The advantage for me is to be able to carry around a whole load of downloaded Chinese articles / stories, whatever, from the internet, put them on my T3 and read them through the day in a taxi, on the subway, at work when nobody is looking AND be able to look up any new vocabulary on Plecodict with a tap or two of the stylus. And when Plecodict's flashcards function is up and running . . .

If you just need a simple dictionary, then maybe an electronic dictionary is best. But go for a PDA / Chinese dictionary combination (to be honest I'm not sure what else is out there besides Plecodict) and you have a fully portable Chinese learning platform 8)


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Thanks roddy for this I was leaning that way but just needed a push. Also thanks for the site it has been a great help. I have just started studying Chinese again. This time with effort unlike the last time and this site has given me the push I needed.

Hope to be in Beijing next week of a couple of weeks

Thanks to all


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