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Teaching english in china.


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Highly probable, provided your standards are low and you don't mind working illegally. You might even luck out and find a decent job, but basically if you're a native English speaker and have a pulse, there are small jobs out there for you. You can also tutor. If you're there on any visa other than a work visa you won't be working legally though, which increases your chance of getting screwed by your employer. I had a part time teaching job after I finished studying in Kunming and the employer was a nightmare but the students were cool and all in all it wasn't any worse than some jobs I've had in the US.

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:lol: I hadn't noticed that ...

Yeah, you need to graduate high school at the very least first. As a teenager in China you *may* be able to get some part time work doing private tutoring in English, but that'd probably be about it. If you're really serious about getting a good teaching job, you should not only graduate high school, but get a university diploma first as well.

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OK, I have a BA in Education in Social Studies (i.e. History, Geography, Government, and Economics) with a minor in computer literacy, and teach high school. What are my chances of getting a job that pays well enough to support myself, wife and four kids (ages eight to 16)?

I lived in Taiwan before teaching illegally on a tourist visa, and had to leave after a few months due to lack of cash flow.

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minhexiang - your best bet would to be hired from the US and flown to theAsia - at an international school. The best place would be Hong Kong - because the move would be easier for your kids and wife - but big cities in China also have very good int'l schools.

You could do a quick search on Google for things like Swiss German School, Hong Kong INternational School, Beijing International School, Taipei IS, etc. etc.

The biggest drawback would be having to deal with snotty international high school students who have way too much money, time and freedom and go and crowd Club ING on Saturday nights and make it like a high school hangout. Oops, too much ranting there.

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True' date=' but given you've mentioned in another post that you are 15, I'd have to suggest you wait a few years yet . . .


I will be 17 when i goto china. I reckon two years should be enough to save up the money.

I don't want to be a full-time teacher, that would kill me:D. I will be graduating from high school at 17. After that I will goto china to improve my chinese for 2 - 3 months or so. I will return to New Zealand and get a university degree.

Thanks for the help, but illegal working isn't really something i want to do.

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You pretty much need a degree to get a Z visa, which is the work visa.

Don't rule out tutoring. It's not exactly illegal. Technically, on a student visa, you're not supposed to work, but plenty of students tutor to earn some extra cash, and no one is going to bust you for it, it's business between individuals, the government isn't involved at all. You can earn around 100 RMB an hour more or less, depending on where you live, and it's a good way to meet local people too.

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